Former Board of Directors
  • Derrell Bradford

    Derrell Bradford

    Derrell believes that every child should have the opportunity to succeed, and was drawn to EdBuild's commitment to breaking down barriers to access.

    Derrell is currently the Executive Director of NYCAN: The New York Campaign for Achievement Now, an advocacy group fighting to enact research-based education reforms that will give every child access to a great school. Prior to this, Derrell led other organizations fighting for educational equity, including Better Education for Kids and Excellent Education for Everyone (E3) in New Jersey.

    Derrell frequently contributes to education reform debates across print, web, and TV media. He also serves on several other boards dedicated to putting the needs of students and families first, including Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City, We Can Do Better New Jersey, and St. Anthony High School in Jersey City.

    A native of Baltimore, Derrell attended the St. Paul's School for Boys and the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a B.A. in English.

  • Angelia Dickens

    Angelia Dickens

    Angelia began her career in private practice at large New York City law firms and then transitioned into the nonprofit sector focusing on social justice and ensuring equal rights for all. It is this commitment to equity that led her to education reform, and to serve on the founding board of EdBuild.

    Currently, she serves as the General Counsel for StudentsFirst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every student has access to great schools and great teachers. Before moving west, Angelia worked in the in-house counsel's office for the American Civil Liberties Union. She also teaches Non-Profit Organizations at UC Davis School of Law.

    Angelia received her law degree from Columbia Law School and her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.

  • Michael Hassid

    Michael Hassid

    Michael has spent his career building up organizations that create the conditions for systemic change. As an ardent advocate for innovation as a path toward better schools, he knows that EdBuild's unique mission has the power to drive revolutionary change in both classroom and community.

    Michael is Vice President of Finance and Operations at Exponent Partners in San Francisco where he oversees operations of the organization and ensures its long-term sustainability.

    Prior to that, Michael founded OrgAmi, a nonprofit providing management consulting and back-office support to other nonprofits. He was also the Controller at NewSchools Venture Fund.

    Michael holds an MBA from the School of Management at the University of San Francisco and a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Josh McGee

    Josh McGee

    Since education spending comprises at least 1/3 of all state budgets, Josh understands that without reforming school finance, we'll never create a sustainable domestic economy.

    Currently the senior vice president of results-driven government at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Josh's work focuses on the issues of sustainable public finance and evidence-based policymaking with a particular emphasis on retirement and education policy. Josh has also served an adjunct faculty member at Rice University where he has taught in the Summer Institute for the Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program at the Jones Graduate School of Business.

    He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Arkansas.

  • Henry Mosley

    Henry Mosley

    Henry Mosley was the financial advisor to an administration the focused on the rebirth of a city. His career in economic development highlights one fundamental truth: that great communities can't exist without great schools.

    Currently the chief financial officer for the Washington Convention Center Authority, Henry oversees all matters relative to the WCCA's budget, accounting, and revenue operations.

    Before that, Henry was responsible for all aspects of financial management for the District's 16 economic development and regulation agencies, when he served as associate CFO for the Economic Development and Regulation Cluster. Prior to joining the District government in 1999, Mosley served as the CFO for a local law firm, and directed the start-up operation of a major university's multi-specialty medical facility.

    Mosley holds an MBA from Willamette University and a B.A. in business management and an A.S. degree in computer science from Loma Linda University.

  • Hari Sevugan

    Hari Sevugan

    Hari is a former middle school teacher, who left the classroom for law school so he could have a bigger effect in our nation's classrooms.

    A communications expert, Hari is currently a Principal at 270 Strategies, advising some of the country's most important and successful grassroots campaigns.

    Prior to joining 270 Strategies, Hari was the National Press Secretary at the Democratic National Committee and senior spokesman for Obama for America. More recently, Hari helped a national, non-profit education reform advocacy group get off the ground, guided a political campaign in Asia to victory, and helped run a high profile campaign in the New York City municipal primaries. He has been named "Top 50 Politicos to Watch."

    Before he worked in politics and advocacy, Hari was an attorney and a middle school teacher in New York City. He has a J.D. from Northwestern University.

  • Mike Phillips

    Mike Phillips